Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hey everyone today I'm going to be talking about skateboarding. 
Recently my mom/sisters went to toys R us. I went with them and I got a skateboard. I got one because I have been wanting one for a while and it's really fun. 
When we came home I immediately took the plastic off and went to try it out. 
Honestly, it's really hard when you first start off because you don't know how to control. I have a few friends who know how to skateboard and I've been asking for tips. 
First, an important tip is to learn how to balance on it, just in case of you lean to hard and you fall off.  The second thing is you have to learn how to position your feet when riding. I've learned, but I have to make it a habit :( 
I really like skateboarding and can't wait till I start learning how to do some cool tricks. The thing that I need to work on is to position my feet the right way so I can actually skate. 
I hope you enjoyed my blog and also try skateboarding. I've tried it and it's one of my new hobbies. 
-Alisa :) 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Homemade Vanilla milkshake


Hey everybody, today I'm going to be making a vanilla milkshake homemade recipe. I love making homemade recipes because they are much healthier than buying them form Starbucks or Coffee Bean and they are tastier because you can add as many ingredients as you want and make it delicious at your favorite tasting. Anyways I also love making this recipe because it's very easy and very good for the summer. It's so hot in California and I love having a delicious sweet milkshake to satisfy my sweet tooth.

What you will need:

-1 cup of milk
-vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste
-1 scoop of vanilla bean ice cream
-plus another scoop of ice cream for the top(optional)

First, pour your milk in a blender then pour in the vanilla extract. Then put in your vanilla bean ice cream and put it in the blender. Then blend it up altogether for about 2 minutes. Pour the milkshake into a cup and then add one scoop of vanilla ice cream if you want. Lastly, sip and enjoy! Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe because I sure did!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bikers on the streets

Hey everyone, today I'm feeling like ranting. Recently my dad had picked me up from karate and this biker was biking on the street.
I just hate it when bikers bike on the street in front of cars because it's so nerve wrecking. Me being the passenger I'm scared my dad will crash, and my dad being the driver he's scared he will crash. There are sidewalks and bike lane for a reason.

The next thing is that they are so slow, instead of driving the speed limit we have to wait for them. :/ so annoying.
They are also small do you can't really see them that well and now you have to drive extra carefully. It's just annoying and they can just go in the bike lane.
Hopefully, I didn't rant too hard but it's just annoying. Does that annoy you? Tell me in the comment section below!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

School food

Ain't it fun to read my blog?! Ain't it good to read it? Don't go crying to your mama saying it's bad.
Hey everyone today I'm blogging about school food. I'm not being mean but cafeteria food isn't the yummiest thing.
Sometimes they have the best thing like a taco salad. I personally love that thing. I also like yoghurt parfait they make. But sometimes there are some things that are just ridiculous. It just doesn't look appetizing and it sucks when I'm too lazy to make my lunch.
When they have these sandwiches I'm like I rather starve. Just kidding, but seriously I wish schools understood that we are hungry. Just to be clear, I'm not specifically talking about the school I go to. I have gone to other schools and saw the lunches. It's all the same. The reason I'm making this blog is because to know a lot of people feel this way too.
I just want the food to change, cause sometimes I can't even understand what the food is. Anyways I hope you liked my little rant and got the Paramore reference.
*I just have to say this, not sponsored by Paramore. I just don't want to be copyrighted.
-Alisa :)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Greek and Latin roots

Hey, everyone, I wanted to blog about Greek/Latin roots because they are really useful. In my English class, we have to learn one hundred twenty roots. It's annoying to study cause there's a lot but it's a really smart idea. I can now look at words and know a little about it.

This week we are done and to be honest, miss learning them.

Tele- from afar
Vis- to see
Ion- the act of, the state of.

I wrote those words up there as an example of roots in everyday life. Many people think television is just something you use for entertainment. That is true but you can break it down.

This basically means the state of seeing something from afar.
I think it's a fantastic idea to learn Greek/Latin roots. For example, if there is a word I don't know, I have more power cause I can break it down. I highly recommend learning Greek/Latin root words


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dear Diary

Dear diary

Today I was walking down the hall to go to class when I saw a locker open. I quickly stopped to close the locker but I saw it was Jenny's. Jenny is the school bully and everyone but her friends hate her. I hate her so much because she is so rude to everyone and thinks she is perfect.

I had about one minute left of class and that teacher doesn't care if I'm late for a minute, so I looked in her locker. I saw some notebooks but best of all her makeup pouch. I opened it and took out a mascara. While opening the mascara a million of thoughts went through my head. This is payback for everything so it shouldn't matter.

I opened the mascara and smeared it along her books. I took an eye shadow pallet and kept it. I was stealing but it was Jenny. She deserves it.
I am now at home back I feel  kind of bad. What if I get in trouble. Ok diary I hear footsteps shhh don't tell.
Hey, everyone. As you can see this is a little different from what I usually post. This is fiction which means its fake! I hope you enjoyed :) I feel like I have to point this out but, I do not recommend and encourage to go through someone's locker. It's an invasion of privacy and something that is so shameful you shouldn't do it. It's most likely against your school rules to. I don't encourage smearing mascara across someone's books even if you don't like them. Or stealing, it's illigal and the narrator should be ashamed of her self. I just wanted to say that.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring break

Aloha! Last week for me was spring break. My family and I went to palm springs for the week. It was a very fun and I am so happy I got to go. I will be blogging about my last day there.

In the morning, I woke u and it was hard since I stayed up last night. We went down to Starbucks for some breakfast. I got this fat reduced turkey sandwich and it tasted so much better than I thought. I wanted a chocolate croissant but my mom said 
''only breakfast sandwiches'' 
I was mad but got one. It was so much better than it looked, it was also good cause I had my passion fruit tea with me. We went back to the hotel and packed up. On the way home we stopped at these dinosaur statues. I went inside one and saw a secret gift store. Wasn't really secret but it was hidden. I got this little green/purple dinosaur. 

We were then going home when my mom pulled into this store which sold fruits, I was sitting in the car waiting forever for my mom to come. She then comes back and hands me a smoothie. I took a sip and it was so sweet. Way to sweet for my liking. It was a date shake. 

After two hours we then finally arrived at home. I missed my cat and gave him a huge hug. I am so glad I got to go. The only thing that sucks is that I forgot my shoes at the hotel. :(

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thank you letters

Hello!! Today I want to write a thank you note to cake and ponytails. This is a very random and weird blog but I thought it was really funny.

Dear cake,
Thank you  for being there when I need a tasty snack. You have been there at party's, at people's birthday, and random occasions. You have filled my stomach when I am hungry. Although the you  have a lot of sugar in you, I still love you. There is no way I could live my life without your cake. You're the best dessert ever.

Dear hair bands.
Thank you for always being there when I have a bad hair day or when my hair is on my face. I could make the simplest hair style with you. You have been there when other people need to put their hair back. Many people think your just something we need in life. I think you're a necessity in life and without you, millions of girls are in trouble. We use you in everyday life. Just by putting it on our wrist for a cute bracelet, or a ponytail. :) Thank you for being very useful to me. Without you, I couldn't get anything done.

As you can tell this blog was random. It was supposed to be a cute little joke. Thank you for reading and have a good day.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Bucket list

Hey everyone how are you? Today I wanted to blog about four things I hope I could do in my lifetime. Another word is my bucket list.

This is not in any order like what I most likely want to do, I still haven't sorted that out.

1. I want to ride big roller coasters at six flags or anywhere. My big goal is all the roller coasters in Knotts berry farm. I want to do this because I have a huge fear of roller coasters and heights. If I were to this I would be able to prove to myself I can do what I want to.

2. This sounds cliche but I want to skydive. I want to do this because I am scared of heights so it would be so much fun to get rid of my fear and look at the land from another point of view.

3. This is something I would really like to do and it really shouldn't be on my list because it should be something I have to do. I want to go to a store like Starbucks or something and pay for 20 people or so. I just want to do a nice thing/good deed for people.

4.To help someone out of depression. This one I will be a little happy if I don't complete this cause it means none of my friends are in depression. I would love to help someone through depression because it would be the greasiest feeling knowing you helped someone. I would be there for them to cry, talk, let out their feelings, and yell. The reason I said depression is because if any of my friends was going through a hard time I will be there no matter what. I just really want to help someone. And honestly, it doesn't even have to be someone I know. I would love to help out a stranger.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

DIY Bubble gum lipstick

Aloha! Today I will be doing the coolest DIY I have ever heard of. It's bubble gum lipstick, and it actually works. 

All you need is bubble gum and some wax like vaseline. Food coloring is optional for decorating Also, get a container to store the lipstick.

All you do is put everything in a bowl and heat it up until it forms the texture you like. You then add the mixture to your container. 
Personalize your lip balm by adding color. (There are a bunch of lip balm oils that add color/flavor. 

The fun part about this DIY is that you could use any bubble gum or flavor. Some ideas are mint flavored gum, fruity gum, and any color you like. 

This is a very fun DIY to kill time and to do with teenagers at a party. This is also a very good DIY to do because when you get the ingredients you will most likely get it in bigger quantities. Then you could make more for less money. If you have the items you can make multiple and even sell it. 

I think this is a really fun DIY, and you should really try it. 
Tata for now :)

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Vampire diaries: Season one

Hey everyone, recently I have finished my favorite show! :( I decided to give you a brief summary of season one of The Vampire Diaries!

One of the main characters Stephan comes to Mystic Falls (the setting) and meets the second main character, Elena. Her parents have recently passed away and she is devastated. She meets Stephen and they fall in love. Bonnie, her best friend finds out some astonishing news that changes her life.

They go to a bonfire and things get crazy from there. The characters find out about supernatural creatures and so on forward. We meet Damon, a crazy vampire who kills and learn about the Salvatore past. (Salvatore is the last name of Damon/Stephan) 

That is the basic description of season one of the Vampire Diaries. My friend Debbie has got me into it. At first, I was nervous about watching it because as you get into the show scary things do happen.  I ended up REALLY liking it. 

I hope you get a chance to watch and enjoy! 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

DIY Snowcones

Privet! (That's hi in Russian) 
Today I'm going to blog about how to make your own snow cones. I never thought it was so easy to make these. It's way cheaper than buying them all the time at an ice cream truck. 
First, you need something to blend your ice. You could crush it by hand, blender or use a food processor.
Next, you are going to get any flavoring, like cool aid. Make the cool aid like you need. (Make sure you boil it so it can be homogeneous. (I'm in the science-y mood. For people who don't know what that is. 
Homogenous- A mixture (liquid or gas) in which the whole mixture is the same. An example would be the cool aid if there are no particles surrounding the liquid.
Then get your ice in the snow cone cup and add your flavoring. 
I hope you enjoy this DIY! 
-Peace out :)


Hey, everyone, it's Alisa here with another blog.  Today I want to do something different. For the past month, I was putting up DIY's and life hacks. I wanted to talk about journaling/writing. That's one of my passions I like to do.

I like to journal what I do though out the day and personal entries. It's something I want to look forward to when I'm older. I like to see how different my life is now compared to how my life will be when I'm older. I like to start off every page with the date I write the page. This lets me know when I did it, and when I could say ''wow I did this one year ago''
My journaling passion really started when I read online that you should write the bad things that happened in your day and how you could make it better. But I kind of broke that reason and just started writing about my day. 

I also wrote any ideas I have and DIY's I find interesting. I think journaling is a very good idea and very fun. I totally recommend journaling and writing down ideas. It's a way to pass time and have a reminder of how you were when you start journaling. 


Saturday, February 6, 2016

Room Decor (easy DIY)

Hey, everyone, it's Alisa today I will be showing you a very easy DIY.
Spice up your room by adding cute room decor! How? By reading this blog.

To spice up a boring shelf/table you could get some plain bowls and paint on them. You could draw anything on it and make it your own. You could also use paint pens.

You could also get a canvas and draw anything. It's basic and not really a DIY but seriously girl, get that brush and paint whatever the brush wants.

You could make really cute pencils, which you could put into a cute jar. Get the boring pencils that's in your drawer and spice them up with washi tape. Boring and basic yes but still cute!!

Get a jar and put some water in it. Grab your favourite nail polish and  pour  some drops in it. The nail polish should swirl around leaving you with a perfect print when you put another jar inside. Put a candle inside to make it brighter and more popping.

Well, there you go very easy DIY's that are really cool and stylish.

Food life hacks #2

Hey, everyone, it's Alisa, today I wanted to do food life hacks cause it's fun

Starting from coffee. If you want to spice up some boring old coffee, make it into cookie and cream. Get some milk and Oreos, grind the Oreos and combine with milk. Freeze the mixture and add it to your coffee.

To make the easiest soda  slushie, shake it up and put it in your freezer. After it's frozen, open it up close it back and open it again. Now you have a frozen carbonated slushie.

Hash browns hard to make?? Use a waffle maker. It's perfect, easy, quick, and has the perfect shape. It also tastes just the same, you could also add in any ingredients you want like veggies. 

Are you bananas going bad fast? Keep them fresh and longer lasting, by adding plastic wrap to the top. 

Are strawberry a being annoying?! Take a straw and poke it from the bottom. Then push up, the stem will be off easier.

Food life hacks

Hey, everyone, it's Alisa! Today I wanted to make life hacks for food. Because I love food and erring my food easier is perfect!!

Did you know you could poke a cupcake sheet through the Popsicle stick? When the Popsicle melts and drips, it will drop on the cupcake sheet and not your fingers.

 If by any reason your baked goods have  dried, you could put bread on it! The cookie absorbs the bread's moisture and they are good as new.

Mix up the classic Pb&J by blending it in a blender. Add some bread/milk in and you're good to go.

Make flat burger patties by putting your thumb in the middle of the patty.   Instead of the patty cooking round, it will grow flat.

You could make the best water by adding fruit in there. (Cucumber, Lemon, Mint). The water will absorb your fruits and make you some cool infused water or tea.  You will also get the benefit of extra health and vitamins in your water. 

These are more advanced life hacks but that's ok. They are still really good life hacks that you never heard of. :)

DIY Chapstick

To kick off my DIY blogs, I am going to do another DIY blog.DIY stands for doing it yourself because it is very easy. Today I am going to teach you to do an easy lipbalm.

Wax (like beeswax, vaseline, or protoliem jelly)
Any flavouring you want

Melt your wax and pour it into your container. Add any flavouring you like to your container. These are literally the only instructions there are. It's that easy.

To make it personalised, you could add anything you want (that's reasonable). You could add colouring, sparkles, or any spices you want! You could also make a label and make it cute and personalised.

I'm in love with this DIY because you control the amount and what you want to put inside our chapstick. It's also super easy, and way cheaper that buying chapstick all the time because you have the ingredients to make more than one. I hope you make this DIY 
Peace, Alisa <3

Monday, January 18, 2016

Charger problems

Who's charger is it?
Are you not able to figure out whose charger is whose? Well, you don't have to worry anymore. All you need to do is just personalize your charger.
First grab some strong glue like mod posh. Then take anything you want to decorate with like glitter or stickers.

I don't recommend washi tape because it's hard to wrap it around perfectly. But if you want to use tape or ribbon go ahead.

You could also use beads, jewels, bows, and stickable objects. Out your glue all over and stick your thins on. Now you won't jar to worry about taking someone else's charger. Or if someone else is taking yours.

This also works well on earphones or any other cord you have.
Idea: give this as a gift or use this as a party/hang out activity. It's really cute and a fun idea to pass time. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Hi everyone I decided to do another DIY (Do it Yourself). This time its a fun frozen treat. Kicking off this winter with drumble please...FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE. 

Hot Chocolate mix 
Milk or water
Toppings of your choice

Make the hot chcolate however you make it. Add it in a blender with ice. Add in milk or water for taste. Add in any toppings you like, and blend into desired consistency. 

To make it personalized you could add toppings of your choice. Add in spices, whoop cream, or
This DIY is perfect becaue you control the amount that is going to go in. You could also controll the amount of sugar or switch up any ingredients for fun. This makes a great twist on the classic hot chocolate. 
It's also a fun idea to serve this at party's or make this for a girls night. Thanks for reading  this blog I hope you enjoyed. 

-Peace Alisa

Diy Flubber soap

Happy 2016 everyone! I hope you c a very nice new year and this year will be the best! 
To kick off the new year I thought it would be fun to do a DIY (Do it yourself) flubber soap. 
Flubber soap is foamy soap you can play with and wash your hands with. It's really cool and fun. 

Corn Stratrch 
Food coloring (optional) 
Essential oils

Mix Corn Starch and soap together (depending on your container use measurements you need). If the mixture is too wet add corn Starch, if too dry add soap.

To make it personalized, pick a good smelling soap, and use any color you want (food coloring). Use extract or essential oils to make it smell nice. 
Any other things like glitter, sparkled, label, is all up to you. 

These make great gifts or a good project to do when your board.

-Peace Alisa