Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hey everyone today I'm going to be talking about skateboarding. 
Recently my mom/sisters went to toys R us. I went with them and I got a skateboard. I got one because I have been wanting one for a while and it's really fun. 
When we came home I immediately took the plastic off and went to try it out. 
Honestly, it's really hard when you first start off because you don't know how to control. I have a few friends who know how to skateboard and I've been asking for tips. 
First, an important tip is to learn how to balance on it, just in case of you lean to hard and you fall off.  The second thing is you have to learn how to position your feet when riding. I've learned, but I have to make it a habit :( 
I really like skateboarding and can't wait till I start learning how to do some cool tricks. The thing that I need to work on is to position my feet the right way so I can actually skate. 
I hope you enjoyed my blog and also try skateboarding. I've tried it and it's one of my new hobbies. 
-Alisa :) 

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