Sunday, April 17, 2016

Greek and Latin roots

Hey, everyone, I wanted to blog about Greek/Latin roots because they are really useful. In my English class, we have to learn one hundred twenty roots. It's annoying to study cause there's a lot but it's a really smart idea. I can now look at words and know a little about it.

This week we are done and to be honest, miss learning them.

Tele- from afar
Vis- to see
Ion- the act of, the state of.

I wrote those words up there as an example of roots in everyday life. Many people think television is just something you use for entertainment. That is true but you can break it down.

This basically means the state of seeing something from afar.
I think it's a fantastic idea to learn Greek/Latin roots. For example, if there is a word I don't know, I have more power cause I can break it down. I highly recommend learning Greek/Latin root words


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dear Diary

Dear diary

Today I was walking down the hall to go to class when I saw a locker open. I quickly stopped to close the locker but I saw it was Jenny's. Jenny is the school bully and everyone but her friends hate her. I hate her so much because she is so rude to everyone and thinks she is perfect.

I had about one minute left of class and that teacher doesn't care if I'm late for a minute, so I looked in her locker. I saw some notebooks but best of all her makeup pouch. I opened it and took out a mascara. While opening the mascara a million of thoughts went through my head. This is payback for everything so it shouldn't matter.

I opened the mascara and smeared it along her books. I took an eye shadow pallet and kept it. I was stealing but it was Jenny. She deserves it.
I am now at home back I feel  kind of bad. What if I get in trouble. Ok diary I hear footsteps shhh don't tell.
Hey, everyone. As you can see this is a little different from what I usually post. This is fiction which means its fake! I hope you enjoyed :) I feel like I have to point this out but, I do not recommend and encourage to go through someone's locker. It's an invasion of privacy and something that is so shameful you shouldn't do it. It's most likely against your school rules to. I don't encourage smearing mascara across someone's books even if you don't like them. Or stealing, it's illigal and the narrator should be ashamed of her self. I just wanted to say that.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Spring break

Aloha! Last week for me was spring break. My family and I went to palm springs for the week. It was a very fun and I am so happy I got to go. I will be blogging about my last day there.

In the morning, I woke u and it was hard since I stayed up last night. We went down to Starbucks for some breakfast. I got this fat reduced turkey sandwich and it tasted so much better than I thought. I wanted a chocolate croissant but my mom said 
''only breakfast sandwiches'' 
I was mad but got one. It was so much better than it looked, it was also good cause I had my passion fruit tea with me. We went back to the hotel and packed up. On the way home we stopped at these dinosaur statues. I went inside one and saw a secret gift store. Wasn't really secret but it was hidden. I got this little green/purple dinosaur. 

We were then going home when my mom pulled into this store which sold fruits, I was sitting in the car waiting forever for my mom to come. She then comes back and hands me a smoothie. I took a sip and it was so sweet. Way to sweet for my liking. It was a date shake. 

After two hours we then finally arrived at home. I missed my cat and gave him a huge hug. I am so glad I got to go. The only thing that sucks is that I forgot my shoes at the hotel. :(

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thank you letters

Hello!! Today I want to write a thank you note to cake and ponytails. This is a very random and weird blog but I thought it was really funny.

Dear cake,
Thank you  for being there when I need a tasty snack. You have been there at party's, at people's birthday, and random occasions. You have filled my stomach when I am hungry. Although the you  have a lot of sugar in you, I still love you. There is no way I could live my life without your cake. You're the best dessert ever.

Dear hair bands.
Thank you for always being there when I have a bad hair day or when my hair is on my face. I could make the simplest hair style with you. You have been there when other people need to put their hair back. Many people think your just something we need in life. I think you're a necessity in life and without you, millions of girls are in trouble. We use you in everyday life. Just by putting it on our wrist for a cute bracelet, or a ponytail. :) Thank you for being very useful to me. Without you, I couldn't get anything done.

As you can tell this blog was random. It was supposed to be a cute little joke. Thank you for reading and have a good day.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Bucket list

Hey everyone how are you? Today I wanted to blog about four things I hope I could do in my lifetime. Another word is my bucket list.

This is not in any order like what I most likely want to do, I still haven't sorted that out.

1. I want to ride big roller coasters at six flags or anywhere. My big goal is all the roller coasters in Knotts berry farm. I want to do this because I have a huge fear of roller coasters and heights. If I were to this I would be able to prove to myself I can do what I want to.

2. This sounds cliche but I want to skydive. I want to do this because I am scared of heights so it would be so much fun to get rid of my fear and look at the land from another point of view.

3. This is something I would really like to do and it really shouldn't be on my list because it should be something I have to do. I want to go to a store like Starbucks or something and pay for 20 people or so. I just want to do a nice thing/good deed for people.

4.To help someone out of depression. This one I will be a little happy if I don't complete this cause it means none of my friends are in depression. I would love to help someone through depression because it would be the greasiest feeling knowing you helped someone. I would be there for them to cry, talk, let out their feelings, and yell. The reason I said depression is because if any of my friends was going through a hard time I will be there no matter what. I just really want to help someone. And honestly, it doesn't even have to be someone I know. I would love to help out a stranger.