Monday, January 18, 2016

Charger problems

Who's charger is it?
Are you not able to figure out whose charger is whose? Well, you don't have to worry anymore. All you need to do is just personalize your charger.
First grab some strong glue like mod posh. Then take anything you want to decorate with like glitter or stickers.

I don't recommend washi tape because it's hard to wrap it around perfectly. But if you want to use tape or ribbon go ahead.

You could also use beads, jewels, bows, and stickable objects. Out your glue all over and stick your thins on. Now you won't jar to worry about taking someone else's charger. Or if someone else is taking yours.

This also works well on earphones or any other cord you have.
Idea: give this as a gift or use this as a party/hang out activity. It's really cute and a fun idea to pass time. :)

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Hi everyone I decided to do another DIY (Do it Yourself). This time its a fun frozen treat. Kicking off this winter with drumble please...FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE. 

Hot Chocolate mix 
Milk or water
Toppings of your choice

Make the hot chcolate however you make it. Add it in a blender with ice. Add in milk or water for taste. Add in any toppings you like, and blend into desired consistency. 

To make it personalized you could add toppings of your choice. Add in spices, whoop cream, or
This DIY is perfect becaue you control the amount that is going to go in. You could also controll the amount of sugar or switch up any ingredients for fun. This makes a great twist on the classic hot chocolate. 
It's also a fun idea to serve this at party's or make this for a girls night. Thanks for reading  this blog I hope you enjoyed. 

-Peace Alisa

Diy Flubber soap

Happy 2016 everyone! I hope you c a very nice new year and this year will be the best! 
To kick off the new year I thought it would be fun to do a DIY (Do it yourself) flubber soap. 
Flubber soap is foamy soap you can play with and wash your hands with. It's really cool and fun. 

Corn Stratrch 
Food coloring (optional) 
Essential oils

Mix Corn Starch and soap together (depending on your container use measurements you need). If the mixture is too wet add corn Starch, if too dry add soap.

To make it personalized, pick a good smelling soap, and use any color you want (food coloring). Use extract or essential oils to make it smell nice. 
Any other things like glitter, sparkled, label, is all up to you. 

These make great gifts or a good project to do when your board.

-Peace Alisa