Thursday, December 10, 2015


Hello! Welcome to my blog this week :)
Today I will be blogging about Chanukah and how I celebrate it.
This particular Chanukkah my family and I  went to the new Cosco near my house and looked at the lights that were decorated on the trees.
We bought a huge bag of mnms because my family and I  have a tradition of  playing a game. The game is that there is a bowl of mnm's and all of us have mnms. We take the dreidel and spin it. If it lands on a nun (Hebrew letter) we get no mnms. If it lands on gimmel we take three from the large bowl.
We eat jelly doughnuts which are delicious, and a cake my dad bought. We then lighted the candles and exchanged gifts. 

My sister gave me a chapstick and two lipglosses, she is so sweet to get me a gift, especially things   I like. My mom gave me a stuffed giraffe/owl because I collect stuffed animals like the giraffe. (TY Beanie boos) 
I also got some stuff from my grandma and perfume from my dad. 
This Chanukah has been a lot of fun and memorable. :) Thank you so much for reading my blog and have a nice day. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

The giver

Hey everyone today I wanted to to talk about the book The Giver. I finished the book yesterday and it was such a good book. The book is about a community where everyone is the same and the community is all about perfection. There is no emotions, feelings, or differences. Except the giver and Jonas, who have all the memories of the past. Like colors, feelings, and emotion. 
Jonas is selected to be the receiver and goes every day to get memories like anger, happiness, and other emotions. He goes through pain and sees beyond, sees stuff that the community doesn't have the ability to see.

That is basically the summary of the book and I totally recommend it. This book teaches us what we have and to be thankful for it.  We learn that life is nothing without emotions and differences. 
The community style is called a utopian society, where everyone is the same. Obviously, this book is fiction, there's no way a utopian society could work in life. First of all, most of the people in the world could see colors. Colors are such a beautiful thing in life, and I don't think anyone would want to get rid of that. 
Especially our special talents, I don't think people would want to get rid of that. Or our feelings, feelings is a very important part in life. It's important to have emotion, and feelings. Therefore, I don't think a utopian society would happen.
Question: Have you read The Giver? If you have did you like it? If you haven't do you want to?

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Embarrasing moment

Hey everyone today I wanted to talk about my time after school. :)
Since it is Tuesday my school gets on early. Today I went home with my friend Debbie that some of you know here on Blogger.

When we finally go to her she decided to give me a house tour, and her house is absolutely lovely. We always facetime so when I got into her study room she is always in, I said
''so this is the famous study room''
''yeah'' She laughed and continued to show me around. She made me her famous salad which I adore. We ate and talked about school, laughing at the comments we made.

We then nae naed to her study room and decided to start on our project/homework.
Her piano lesson started so I chilled with her sister and went online. After her piano lesson, we chilled and started to finish an assignment for school, which was so fun to do because we made it really funny. We also made two inside jokes  today.

I didn't know her house was so far from my karate. I do karate, and they are strict on timing so I was worried I was going to get late. I am a shy person so if the whole class is staring at me when I run in it gets me really embarrassed.

I got through the class and now am relaxing, and sighing that I have to study for a science test.
Life is great :)

Question: Have you had any embarrassing moments in your life?
Debbies blog:

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Saks channel on youtube

Hey everyone today I will be blogging about the Saks channel on youtube. The Saks channel is a group of channels on Youtube. Each channel has seven girls and produces weekly videos.

The top one and most subscribed is seven super girls. (3,528,767 subscribers)
The channel consists of 13-16-year-old girls, who put up weekly videos, based on the theme of the week.
Monday: Emily, who is a British YouTuber, and got on a year to two years ago.
Tuesday: Jazzy, who is from Texas and like Emily got on one-two years ago.
Wednesday: Kaelyn, she is the one on the cover of the picture. She is from California and was on SSG for years.
Thursday: Jenna, same as Kaelyn has been on for years and often does videos with her parents in the video.
Friday: Katherine and Rachel, have also been on for years. They are sisters and share the spots. Recently Katherine had to get off because of the age limit but was back on because the age limit has been changed.
Saturday: Mimi, who has been on recently (few months ago), who was transferred from SPA (Seven perfect angels.
Nicole: has also been on SSG for years, and is the girly girl of the channel.

Each week there is a certain theme that each girl has to film. For example, if The theme is collab week, then each girl makes a video corresponding to collab. This week is actually collab week because they are doing a meet and greet in Texas. This is the second meet up they did, and will continue to do more. Seven super girls also has merchandise, like shirts.

I have been watching for years and love seven super girls, and totally recommend watching the eight girls.

For this blog post, I'm only going to do two of the Saks channels. the last one is SPA (Seven perfect angels), and they have 684,029 subscribers.

Just like seven super girls, SPA also has themes and girls for each week.
Monday: Anna
Tuesday: Lia
Wednesday: Jana
Thursday: Jaidyn
Friday: Ellie
Saturday: Holly
Sunday: Heather

They also do themes, and sometimes there is freestyle, where each girl could do anything they want. Some of the girls also went to the meet and greet from Seven super girls.

I hope I have you some information about the Saks channel and made you interested.
Question: If you watch the Saks channel, who is your favorite? Or who is your favorite YouTuber?

Ps. Don't forget to check, my friends, awesome blogs:

Monday, November 2, 2015


Hey, you....yeah you. It's Alisa here coming in with another blog. Today I will be blogging about the day before Halloween  and actual Halloween. 

On October thirtieth my school got out early and had a dance after school. The dance was a glow in the dark dance with a DJ. There were glow sticks and the DJ had these special moving lights. 
The DJ played known songs and remixes. We danced and had a fun time. I went with my friends Debbie, and Mona. There was also other people that I knew. 
Debbie wasn't feeling well so during the dance we went to our lockers got our stuff and left to buy food. We went to Chipotle and ate with our friend Noor.
I also bought my sister and mom Starbucks, because I was feeling generous. After we went to a store where we got some toys...because who doesn't like toys. 
We then after went to Ihop, because they were having a Halloween deal. They bring you pancakes and you decorate the pancakes with candy corn/ whoop cream. 
I had a fun day and was ready to settle down and watch a Halloween movie. So I watched with my sisters the nightmare before Christmas. 
Halloween day I watched the movie again and just relaxed. Finally,  it was time to get into our costumes and go trick or treating. I went with some good friends and got a bunch of candies. 
I hope you had an amazing Halloween!
Question: How was your Halloween. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

My brother Mozez

Hey, everyone, I'm going to share one of my reason to live in life. Many don't know this, but  I have a brother, who was born differently. He was born with four legs and fur all over. This is the story of Mozez my cat.

Hehe, you probably thought I had an actual brother. My cat has been in my life for eight years, got him when I was five. I remember the day we went to the shop where we got Mozez. He was such a cute little kitten, and now he is a huge fat cat. 
When we got Mozez he sat on my mom, and I really wanted to hold him. He was too small for me to hold him, but once we got home I started to play with him. We had a little box and he fit into there, now one-third of him doesn't fit. 

 Mozez started his life with no name until my dad thought of Mozez, and we kept it. 

Mozez has been in three houses of ours. I remember moving from our house to another we had to get him into a cage, but it's not as easy as I thought. My dad and I tried to get him in, but it took a long time. We finally got him in and went to our new house. 

Then moving from that house to the one we are in now, we had to get him in the cage again. One broom broke later, we get him in the cage. 

I have plenty of memories from when people came to our house and was surprised that we had a cat. Or plenty of memories of my sisters getting scared of Mozez. 

One memory is the time I tried to walk a cat. Now let me tell you, that is a huge mistake. Don't try to walk cats on a leash,  they won't like it. 

It all started one day when I saw my neighbors walking their cats. I got interested because I always wanted a dog, but my parents said no. It took a long time to convince my mom to buy the leash but one day she finally agreed. 

My sisters and I decided to try it. Epic fail! I should've listened to my mom from the beginning, you can't walk a cat on a leash. 

My cat isn't used to go outside with people, and being controlled, so it was no question why he ran back inside when we went out of the gate. It took me some tries, but I got annoyed so I picked him up and brought him to a place where he can't see our gate. 

No difference, he just stayed there and didn't move. I picked him up and moved him to another place.
Another fail because he thought our neighbors gate was ours, so I had to wait and get him out. 

Big waste of money because it didn't work, but it's ok because it's a good memory.

Anyway thanks for reading my blog, I hope you enjoyed it.
Question: Do you have a pet, if not what pet do you want to have. If you do what pet would you like to have as well.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Me and my friends

Olah! It's Alisa here with another blog, how exciting. As I'm typing, I'm listening to live sister playing her piano. 

Today I will be blogging about what I did during my hang out with my friends. Since it is a Tuesday, the school got out early, and I didn't want to stay after school. My friends were going to the food area around our school. I called my mom and asked if I could go, and she said yes. 

Two of my friends started to walk while I texted my friend (Noor) to come and meet us there. We finally arrived at the food place, and we crossed the street to Pozi's. There we got some fries and a sample of a milkshake. 
We went back to the chairs and ate there. Pozi's was a really good place because it is really good, cheap, and near. 

The fries were absolutely delicious and I ate them all up. We then decided to go to TJ Max, and just look around. On the way, we said bye to our friend who had to leave so it was now the three of us. 

We saw the cutest dog you can ever see, and a really nice man. We petted the dog, then went inside. In TJ Max, we looked around and had a lot of fun. I saw a gold winter jacket, which reminded me of Justin Beiber. 
''look it's a wanna be Justin Beiber jacket'' I said to my friends. 
We started to laugh and try on clothes. My friend that I do homework with facetime me, and I did a fashion show walk. 
  I guess we were too loud because the store employee asked us if we have a parent with us. 
''then you need to get out''

That was a good memory but was the third time we got kicked out of TJ Max. We went back to the chairs and met the dog on the way. 

The dog seemed to like Noor, as of the dog (Loller) was on her. The dog went on me, but not Mona.  It was really funny to see her frustrated, that the dog didn't go on her. 

My mom then came and I went home. It was a really nice time and was WAY better then staying after school. 

Question: what's one memory you have with your friends? 
Thanks for reading my blog! 

My friend who went with me:
My friend, I face timed:
They make really good blogs, I highly recommend reading them

Monday, October 12, 2015

The death of Caleb

Hey, person who is reading this. I hope you're having a great day. If not I hope my blog cheers you up a little. Today's blog is about Youtube and the death of Caleb.  
One of the biggest thing to me that recently happened on Youtube is the death of Caleb from Bratayley. He was just 13 when he died! He died on October 1st, and even though I'm a little late I still think I should address this. I remember when I found out I was so shocked. It was on October second or the day he died, I was on my dad's computer watching Youtube. In the comments, someone said did you hear about Caleb's death, and I thought they were joking. Turns out it was true, and I was so shocked, tears welled up in my eyes. 
I've known of Bratayley for a while, but I haven't watched ALL their videos. From time to time, I would watch them, and always try to figure out how all the kids name, tied up into Bratayley. Turns out it was just their last name. Bratayley is a YouTuber family with 1.8 million fans, who weekly vlog. Caleb died because of an undetected medical condition. Please go watch Bratayley and give them some love. 

  Thanks for reading and please go watch Bratayley!
  Question: Who is your favorite Youtuber. 
Btw, this was not sponsored, of course it won't but still I just wanted to say it just in case of copyright. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sukkot festival

On October fourth, 2015 I went to A sukkot festival with my family. The festival was being held at time center park. When I got there I didn't see anything special but I got closer and saw red tents. 

At first we didn't know where to go so we went around the back, where we saw clowns getting ready. We later saw these clowns around the park doing cool tricks. 

At the festival, there were so many things to do like games, entertainment, food, and arts and crafts. At first my dad did arts and crafts with my sisters and I. We made pomegranates, fruit dreamcatchers, cups, pencil pouches, books, Sukkot houses, and more. 

There was a clown who made balloon things. I got a ghost cat, a purple cat for my sister, and a princess crown for my other sister.

There was a game where you get a ring and throw it to get it over a water bottle. Guess who failed and didn't get a prize? Me! And my three-year-old and six-year-old sister made it! How embarrassing!!

Overall I enjoyed my day at the Sukkot Festival and it was a great Sunday.

Question: What's your favorite holiday?


Monday, September 28, 2015

Yom Kippur/fasting

Hi, the person who is blessed to read this blog. (joking, haha)

So this past Wednesday, 9/23/15 was Yom Kippur, and it was my first time fasting. I am a Jewish girl, but my family isn't religious, so I was the only one who fasted. Of course I didn't know we had to go to the temple, so I didn't but I did fast all day.

Yom Kippur is a day where we fast to make our sins go away, and we fast and pray all day. You start to celebrate Yom Kippur when we become Bat or Bar Mitzvah age. Children as young as 9 could skip a meal, or two. The elderly and sick are not allowed to fast.

We are supposed to fast from Tuesday 6:33 pm, to 7:45 pm  Wednesday. I kind of cheated because I had no clue we were supposed to do that. I researched when to stop fasting, but the internet or the Jewish Holidays Book didn't tell me. Instead I stopped at 6:50 pm, and ate a lot, that was a huge mistake.

 Yom Kippur also made me think of the stuff that I'm thankful for like food, shelter, family, and friends, which a lot of people don't have. I prayed to God throughout the day and felt proud of myself for fasting.

When I woke up (On Wednesday) I felt a little nauseous, and hungry, but it was nothing compared to later. Later I started to feel dizzy and lightheaded from not eating. My stomach would growl for food, and watching my family eat was no help. Throughout the day, I would get hungry, but it was manageable, even though I wouldn't last two days.

All day I was reading or I was around the house doing nothing. As soon as 6:50 came, I was excited to eat but was that a mistake. Since I was hungry I ate a lot which made me feel full and sick. The next day 9/24/15, all day I felt hungry/full, not sure which one.

Even though I violated some rules, I'm still proud of myself for trying, and next year I will do better and go to the temple next year. I will also do the producers and the rules that I broke, I won't break them again.

Thank you for reading my blog post, (even though it was a lot). If you fasted feel free to comment.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey there, this blog is going to be about swimming and my love for it.

Swimming is so fun and a great summer activity. I like to do swimming for exercise and and for fun. There's different ways of swimming: free style, back stroke, breast stroke, and butterfly. (Or dolphin depends on how you call it) 

Swimming could cool you off in the summer time, or could cure your boredom. Of course there are swim teams, competitions, and sponsored swimming. (Olympics) Either watching swimming or actually physically swimming, I love it. 

I have learned to swim around five and six and fell in love since then. Every summer instead of thinking of the heat, I immediately think of the pool. At that second my body contacts the water, I'm in my happy place. 

Ever since I started to swim, I signed up for swim team. There I could share my love for swimming with others, and improve swimming. I also tried water polo but it wasn't as fun as swimming. 

Through out my years of swimming I have gotten a lot better at swimming and got a few pointers. I also love to do under water gymnastics and when people are there I pretend I do synchronized swimming. (Which I actually did!) 

Swimming is one of the hobby's I do and I have met some friends while doing it. I am still learning and teaching my self how to do different things while swimming. I don't know how to dive or do a flip into the water ,so those are some things that I would want to learn how to do before I got to college. 

That's all for my blog, leave a comment if you love to swim or if you don't know how. 

:) Peace,

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Technology's impact

Hi person who is reading this, welcome to my blog where you decided to read my random thoughts. In this blog I'm going to be talking about random things that is on my mind. Today i am thinking of technology and how our world is impacted on it. This isn't info from the web it's my own thoughts.(Well some help from the web...)The good parts of technolgy and the bad parts. 

Of course the good part is that it's entertaining, you could go on social media and contact anybody in one minute (if they respond on that minute). You could talk to friends who had moved and you can't talk in person. instead of writing them a letter you could just send an email or a text.

Technology helps us build buildings that can't be built by hand. Technology helps us with daily life. Like at a bank, there are computers and security and all these different things. Without those it would be a pain to calculate and count all that amount of money.
Go in a store and imagine it without the computer that helps you, or the the credit card machine.Think about how we need help on homework. Instead of using a book and looking for the answer and not understanding, you could go online and go get help way faster and clearer.

At the doctor there is technology everywhere. There are computers,x-rays,microscopes,help with surgery, etc. Think about how inconvenient that would be with no technology. It would be a lot harder it would be with no technology. 

There is entertainment like social media: Instagram,Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. With that you could also talk to your friends and anyone,there is also games where you could waste hours of time on.

The bad parts of technology is that it took over the world. Everyone is on Ipads, phones, tablets, computers and more. Technology is everywhere, people don't write letters anymore, why bother when there is texting. People in the same room text each other because they are in their little world.

In my opinion technology is useful and great,but sometimes there is a limit. Thanks for reading my blog!
By the way brownie points for the people who saw that my blog is written in rainbow colors. :) Except the yellow, it had to go on purple because it wouldn't show. 

Love Alisa