Monday, November 2, 2015


Hey, you....yeah you. It's Alisa here coming in with another blog. Today I will be blogging about the day before Halloween  and actual Halloween. 

On October thirtieth my school got out early and had a dance after school. The dance was a glow in the dark dance with a DJ. There were glow sticks and the DJ had these special moving lights. 
The DJ played known songs and remixes. We danced and had a fun time. I went with my friends Debbie, and Mona. There was also other people that I knew. 
Debbie wasn't feeling well so during the dance we went to our lockers got our stuff and left to buy food. We went to Chipotle and ate with our friend Noor.
I also bought my sister and mom Starbucks, because I was feeling generous. After we went to a store where we got some toys...because who doesn't like toys. 
We then after went to Ihop, because they were having a Halloween deal. They bring you pancakes and you decorate the pancakes with candy corn/ whoop cream. 
I had a fun day and was ready to settle down and watch a Halloween movie. So I watched with my sisters the nightmare before Christmas. 
Halloween day I watched the movie again and just relaxed. Finally,  it was time to get into our costumes and go trick or treating. I went with some good friends and got a bunch of candies. 
I hope you had an amazing Halloween!
Question: How was your Halloween. 

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