Saturday, February 6, 2016

Room Decor (easy DIY)

Hey, everyone, it's Alisa today I will be showing you a very easy DIY.
Spice up your room by adding cute room decor! How? By reading this blog.

To spice up a boring shelf/table you could get some plain bowls and paint on them. You could draw anything on it and make it your own. You could also use paint pens.

You could also get a canvas and draw anything. It's basic and not really a DIY but seriously girl, get that brush and paint whatever the brush wants.

You could make really cute pencils, which you could put into a cute jar. Get the boring pencils that's in your drawer and spice them up with washi tape. Boring and basic yes but still cute!!

Get a jar and put some water in it. Grab your favourite nail polish and  pour  some drops in it. The nail polish should swirl around leaving you with a perfect print when you put another jar inside. Put a candle inside to make it brighter and more popping.

Well, there you go very easy DIY's that are really cool and stylish.

Food life hacks #2

Hey, everyone, it's Alisa, today I wanted to do food life hacks cause it's fun

Starting from coffee. If you want to spice up some boring old coffee, make it into cookie and cream. Get some milk and Oreos, grind the Oreos and combine with milk. Freeze the mixture and add it to your coffee.

To make the easiest soda  slushie, shake it up and put it in your freezer. After it's frozen, open it up close it back and open it again. Now you have a frozen carbonated slushie.

Hash browns hard to make?? Use a waffle maker. It's perfect, easy, quick, and has the perfect shape. It also tastes just the same, you could also add in any ingredients you want like veggies. 

Are you bananas going bad fast? Keep them fresh and longer lasting, by adding plastic wrap to the top. 

Are strawberry a being annoying?! Take a straw and poke it from the bottom. Then push up, the stem will be off easier.

Food life hacks

Hey, everyone, it's Alisa! Today I wanted to make life hacks for food. Because I love food and erring my food easier is perfect!!

Did you know you could poke a cupcake sheet through the Popsicle stick? When the Popsicle melts and drips, it will drop on the cupcake sheet and not your fingers.

 If by any reason your baked goods have  dried, you could put bread on it! The cookie absorbs the bread's moisture and they are good as new.

Mix up the classic Pb&J by blending it in a blender. Add some bread/milk in and you're good to go.

Make flat burger patties by putting your thumb in the middle of the patty.   Instead of the patty cooking round, it will grow flat.

You could make the best water by adding fruit in there. (Cucumber, Lemon, Mint). The water will absorb your fruits and make you some cool infused water or tea.  You will also get the benefit of extra health and vitamins in your water. 

These are more advanced life hacks but that's ok. They are still really good life hacks that you never heard of. :)

DIY Chapstick

To kick off my DIY blogs, I am going to do another DIY blog.DIY stands for doing it yourself because it is very easy. Today I am going to teach you to do an easy lipbalm.

Wax (like beeswax, vaseline, or protoliem jelly)
Any flavouring you want

Melt your wax and pour it into your container. Add any flavouring you like to your container. These are literally the only instructions there are. It's that easy.

To make it personalised, you could add anything you want (that's reasonable). You could add colouring, sparkles, or any spices you want! You could also make a label and make it cute and personalised.

I'm in love with this DIY because you control the amount and what you want to put inside our chapstick. It's also super easy, and way cheaper that buying chapstick all the time because you have the ingredients to make more than one. I hope you make this DIY 
Peace, Alisa <3