Saturday, February 6, 2016

Food life hacks #2

Hey, everyone, it's Alisa, today I wanted to do food life hacks cause it's fun

Starting from coffee. If you want to spice up some boring old coffee, make it into cookie and cream. Get some milk and Oreos, grind the Oreos and combine with milk. Freeze the mixture and add it to your coffee.

To make the easiest soda  slushie, shake it up and put it in your freezer. After it's frozen, open it up close it back and open it again. Now you have a frozen carbonated slushie.

Hash browns hard to make?? Use a waffle maker. It's perfect, easy, quick, and has the perfect shape. It also tastes just the same, you could also add in any ingredients you want like veggies. 

Are you bananas going bad fast? Keep them fresh and longer lasting, by adding plastic wrap to the top. 

Are strawberry a being annoying?! Take a straw and poke it from the bottom. Then push up, the stem will be off easier.

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