Saturday, February 6, 2016

Room Decor (easy DIY)

Hey, everyone, it's Alisa today I will be showing you a very easy DIY.
Spice up your room by adding cute room decor! How? By reading this blog.

To spice up a boring shelf/table you could get some plain bowls and paint on them. You could draw anything on it and make it your own. You could also use paint pens.

You could also get a canvas and draw anything. It's basic and not really a DIY but seriously girl, get that brush and paint whatever the brush wants.

You could make really cute pencils, which you could put into a cute jar. Get the boring pencils that's in your drawer and spice them up with washi tape. Boring and basic yes but still cute!!

Get a jar and put some water in it. Grab your favourite nail polish and  pour  some drops in it. The nail polish should swirl around leaving you with a perfect print when you put another jar inside. Put a candle inside to make it brighter and more popping.

Well, there you go very easy DIY's that are really cool and stylish.

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