Sunday, March 6, 2016


Hey, everyone, it's Alisa here with another blog.  Today I want to do something different. For the past month, I was putting up DIY's and life hacks. I wanted to talk about journaling/writing. That's one of my passions I like to do.

I like to journal what I do though out the day and personal entries. It's something I want to look forward to when I'm older. I like to see how different my life is now compared to how my life will be when I'm older. I like to start off every page with the date I write the page. This lets me know when I did it, and when I could say ''wow I did this one year ago''
My journaling passion really started when I read online that you should write the bad things that happened in your day and how you could make it better. But I kind of broke that reason and just started writing about my day. 

I also wrote any ideas I have and DIY's I find interesting. I think journaling is a very good idea and very fun. I totally recommend journaling and writing down ideas. It's a way to pass time and have a reminder of how you were when you start journaling. 


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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. It was very well written and I think journaling is a great idea as well :) nice job!