Saturday, May 21, 2016


Hey everyone today I'm going to be talking about skateboarding. 
Recently my mom/sisters went to toys R us. I went with them and I got a skateboard. I got one because I have been wanting one for a while and it's really fun. 
When we came home I immediately took the plastic off and went to try it out. 
Honestly, it's really hard when you first start off because you don't know how to control. I have a few friends who know how to skateboard and I've been asking for tips. 
First, an important tip is to learn how to balance on it, just in case of you lean to hard and you fall off.  The second thing is you have to learn how to position your feet when riding. I've learned, but I have to make it a habit :( 
I really like skateboarding and can't wait till I start learning how to do some cool tricks. The thing that I need to work on is to position my feet the right way so I can actually skate. 
I hope you enjoyed my blog and also try skateboarding. I've tried it and it's one of my new hobbies. 
-Alisa :) 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Homemade Vanilla milkshake


Hey everybody, today I'm going to be making a vanilla milkshake homemade recipe. I love making homemade recipes because they are much healthier than buying them form Starbucks or Coffee Bean and they are tastier because you can add as many ingredients as you want and make it delicious at your favorite tasting. Anyways I also love making this recipe because it's very easy and very good for the summer. It's so hot in California and I love having a delicious sweet milkshake to satisfy my sweet tooth.

What you will need:

-1 cup of milk
-vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste
-1 scoop of vanilla bean ice cream
-plus another scoop of ice cream for the top(optional)

First, pour your milk in a blender then pour in the vanilla extract. Then put in your vanilla bean ice cream and put it in the blender. Then blend it up altogether for about 2 minutes. Pour the milkshake into a cup and then add one scoop of vanilla ice cream if you want. Lastly, sip and enjoy! Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy this delicious recipe because I sure did!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bikers on the streets

Hey everyone, today I'm feeling like ranting. Recently my dad had picked me up from karate and this biker was biking on the street.
I just hate it when bikers bike on the street in front of cars because it's so nerve wrecking. Me being the passenger I'm scared my dad will crash, and my dad being the driver he's scared he will crash. There are sidewalks and bike lane for a reason.

The next thing is that they are so slow, instead of driving the speed limit we have to wait for them. :/ so annoying.
They are also small do you can't really see them that well and now you have to drive extra carefully. It's just annoying and they can just go in the bike lane.
Hopefully, I didn't rant too hard but it's just annoying. Does that annoy you? Tell me in the comment section below!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

School food

Ain't it fun to read my blog?! Ain't it good to read it? Don't go crying to your mama saying it's bad.
Hey everyone today I'm blogging about school food. I'm not being mean but cafeteria food isn't the yummiest thing.
Sometimes they have the best thing like a taco salad. I personally love that thing. I also like yoghurt parfait they make. But sometimes there are some things that are just ridiculous. It just doesn't look appetizing and it sucks when I'm too lazy to make my lunch.
When they have these sandwiches I'm like I rather starve. Just kidding, but seriously I wish schools understood that we are hungry. Just to be clear, I'm not specifically talking about the school I go to. I have gone to other schools and saw the lunches. It's all the same. The reason I'm making this blog is because to know a lot of people feel this way too.
I just want the food to change, cause sometimes I can't even understand what the food is. Anyways I hope you liked my little rant and got the Paramore reference.
*I just have to say this, not sponsored by Paramore. I just don't want to be copyrighted.
-Alisa :)