Sunday, May 1, 2016

School food

Ain't it fun to read my blog?! Ain't it good to read it? Don't go crying to your mama saying it's bad.
Hey everyone today I'm blogging about school food. I'm not being mean but cafeteria food isn't the yummiest thing.
Sometimes they have the best thing like a taco salad. I personally love that thing. I also like yoghurt parfait they make. But sometimes there are some things that are just ridiculous. It just doesn't look appetizing and it sucks when I'm too lazy to make my lunch.
When they have these sandwiches I'm like I rather starve. Just kidding, but seriously I wish schools understood that we are hungry. Just to be clear, I'm not specifically talking about the school I go to. I have gone to other schools and saw the lunches. It's all the same. The reason I'm making this blog is because to know a lot of people feel this way too.
I just want the food to change, cause sometimes I can't even understand what the food is. Anyways I hope you liked my little rant and got the Paramore reference.
*I just have to say this, not sponsored by Paramore. I just don't want to be copyrighted.
-Alisa :)

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