Saturday, March 12, 2016

DIY Bubble gum lipstick

Aloha! Today I will be doing the coolest DIY I have ever heard of. It's bubble gum lipstick, and it actually works. 

All you need is bubble gum and some wax like vaseline. Food coloring is optional for decorating Also, get a container to store the lipstick.

All you do is put everything in a bowl and heat it up until it forms the texture you like. You then add the mixture to your container. 
Personalize your lip balm by adding color. (There are a bunch of lip balm oils that add color/flavor. 

The fun part about this DIY is that you could use any bubble gum or flavor. Some ideas are mint flavored gum, fruity gum, and any color you like. 

This is a very fun DIY to kill time and to do with teenagers at a party. This is also a very good DIY to do because when you get the ingredients you will most likely get it in bigger quantities. Then you could make more for less money. If you have the items you can make multiple and even sell it. 

I think this is a really fun DIY, and you should really try it. 
Tata for now :)

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Vampire diaries: Season one

Hey everyone, recently I have finished my favorite show! :( I decided to give you a brief summary of season one of The Vampire Diaries!

One of the main characters Stephan comes to Mystic Falls (the setting) and meets the second main character, Elena. Her parents have recently passed away and she is devastated. She meets Stephen and they fall in love. Bonnie, her best friend finds out some astonishing news that changes her life.

They go to a bonfire and things get crazy from there. The characters find out about supernatural creatures and so on forward. We meet Damon, a crazy vampire who kills and learn about the Salvatore past. (Salvatore is the last name of Damon/Stephan) 

That is the basic description of season one of the Vampire Diaries. My friend Debbie has got me into it. At first, I was nervous about watching it because as you get into the show scary things do happen.  I ended up REALLY liking it. 

I hope you get a chance to watch and enjoy! 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

DIY Snowcones

Privet! (That's hi in Russian) 
Today I'm going to blog about how to make your own snow cones. I never thought it was so easy to make these. It's way cheaper than buying them all the time at an ice cream truck. 
First, you need something to blend your ice. You could crush it by hand, blender or use a food processor.
Next, you are going to get any flavoring, like cool aid. Make the cool aid like you need. (Make sure you boil it so it can be homogeneous. (I'm in the science-y mood. For people who don't know what that is. 
Homogenous- A mixture (liquid or gas) in which the whole mixture is the same. An example would be the cool aid if there are no particles surrounding the liquid.
Then get your ice in the snow cone cup and add your flavoring. 
I hope you enjoy this DIY! 
-Peace out :)


Hey, everyone, it's Alisa here with another blog.  Today I want to do something different. For the past month, I was putting up DIY's and life hacks. I wanted to talk about journaling/writing. That's one of my passions I like to do.

I like to journal what I do though out the day and personal entries. It's something I want to look forward to when I'm older. I like to see how different my life is now compared to how my life will be when I'm older. I like to start off every page with the date I write the page. This lets me know when I did it, and when I could say ''wow I did this one year ago''
My journaling passion really started when I read online that you should write the bad things that happened in your day and how you could make it better. But I kind of broke that reason and just started writing about my day. 

I also wrote any ideas I have and DIY's I find interesting. I think journaling is a very good idea and very fun. I totally recommend journaling and writing down ideas. It's a way to pass time and have a reminder of how you were when you start journaling.