Monday, September 28, 2015

Yom Kippur/fasting

Hi, the person who is blessed to read this blog. (joking, haha)

So this past Wednesday, 9/23/15 was Yom Kippur, and it was my first time fasting. I am a Jewish girl, but my family isn't religious, so I was the only one who fasted. Of course I didn't know we had to go to the temple, so I didn't but I did fast all day.

Yom Kippur is a day where we fast to make our sins go away, and we fast and pray all day. You start to celebrate Yom Kippur when we become Bat or Bar Mitzvah age. Children as young as 9 could skip a meal, or two. The elderly and sick are not allowed to fast.

We are supposed to fast from Tuesday 6:33 pm, to 7:45 pm  Wednesday. I kind of cheated because I had no clue we were supposed to do that. I researched when to stop fasting, but the internet or the Jewish Holidays Book didn't tell me. Instead I stopped at 6:50 pm, and ate a lot, that was a huge mistake.

 Yom Kippur also made me think of the stuff that I'm thankful for like food, shelter, family, and friends, which a lot of people don't have. I prayed to God throughout the day and felt proud of myself for fasting.

When I woke up (On Wednesday) I felt a little nauseous, and hungry, but it was nothing compared to later. Later I started to feel dizzy and lightheaded from not eating. My stomach would growl for food, and watching my family eat was no help. Throughout the day, I would get hungry, but it was manageable, even though I wouldn't last two days.

All day I was reading or I was around the house doing nothing. As soon as 6:50 came, I was excited to eat but was that a mistake. Since I was hungry I ate a lot which made me feel full and sick. The next day 9/24/15, all day I felt hungry/full, not sure which one.

Even though I violated some rules, I'm still proud of myself for trying, and next year I will do better and go to the temple next year. I will also do the producers and the rules that I broke, I won't break them again.

Thank you for reading my blog post, (even though it was a lot). If you fasted feel free to comment.

Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey there, this blog is going to be about swimming and my love for it.

Swimming is so fun and a great summer activity. I like to do swimming for exercise and and for fun. There's different ways of swimming: free style, back stroke, breast stroke, and butterfly. (Or dolphin depends on how you call it) 

Swimming could cool you off in the summer time, or could cure your boredom. Of course there are swim teams, competitions, and sponsored swimming. (Olympics) Either watching swimming or actually physically swimming, I love it. 

I have learned to swim around five and six and fell in love since then. Every summer instead of thinking of the heat, I immediately think of the pool. At that second my body contacts the water, I'm in my happy place. 

Ever since I started to swim, I signed up for swim team. There I could share my love for swimming with others, and improve swimming. I also tried water polo but it wasn't as fun as swimming. 

Through out my years of swimming I have gotten a lot better at swimming and got a few pointers. I also love to do under water gymnastics and when people are there I pretend I do synchronized swimming. (Which I actually did!) 

Swimming is one of the hobby's I do and I have met some friends while doing it. I am still learning and teaching my self how to do different things while swimming. I don't know how to dive or do a flip into the water ,so those are some things that I would want to learn how to do before I got to college. 

That's all for my blog, leave a comment if you love to swim or if you don't know how. 

:) Peace,

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Technology's impact

Hi person who is reading this, welcome to my blog where you decided to read my random thoughts. In this blog I'm going to be talking about random things that is on my mind. Today i am thinking of technology and how our world is impacted on it. This isn't info from the web it's my own thoughts.(Well some help from the web...)The good parts of technolgy and the bad parts. 

Of course the good part is that it's entertaining, you could go on social media and contact anybody in one minute (if they respond on that minute). You could talk to friends who had moved and you can't talk in person. instead of writing them a letter you could just send an email or a text.

Technology helps us build buildings that can't be built by hand. Technology helps us with daily life. Like at a bank, there are computers and security and all these different things. Without those it would be a pain to calculate and count all that amount of money.
Go in a store and imagine it without the computer that helps you, or the the credit card machine.Think about how we need help on homework. Instead of using a book and looking for the answer and not understanding, you could go online and go get help way faster and clearer.

At the doctor there is technology everywhere. There are computers,x-rays,microscopes,help with surgery, etc. Think about how inconvenient that would be with no technology. It would be a lot harder it would be with no technology. 

There is entertainment like social media: Instagram,Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. With that you could also talk to your friends and anyone,there is also games where you could waste hours of time on.

The bad parts of technology is that it took over the world. Everyone is on Ipads, phones, tablets, computers and more. Technology is everywhere, people don't write letters anymore, why bother when there is texting. People in the same room text each other because they are in their little world.

In my opinion technology is useful and great,but sometimes there is a limit. Thanks for reading my blog!
By the way brownie points for the people who saw that my blog is written in rainbow colors. :) Except the yellow, it had to go on purple because it wouldn't show. 

Love Alisa