Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey there, this blog is going to be about swimming and my love for it.

Swimming is so fun and a great summer activity. I like to do swimming for exercise and and for fun. There's different ways of swimming: free style, back stroke, breast stroke, and butterfly. (Or dolphin depends on how you call it) 

Swimming could cool you off in the summer time, or could cure your boredom. Of course there are swim teams, competitions, and sponsored swimming. (Olympics) Either watching swimming or actually physically swimming, I love it. 

I have learned to swim around five and six and fell in love since then. Every summer instead of thinking of the heat, I immediately think of the pool. At that second my body contacts the water, I'm in my happy place. 

Ever since I started to swim, I signed up for swim team. There I could share my love for swimming with others, and improve swimming. I also tried water polo but it wasn't as fun as swimming. 

Through out my years of swimming I have gotten a lot better at swimming and got a few pointers. I also love to do under water gymnastics and when people are there I pretend I do synchronized swimming. (Which I actually did!) 

Swimming is one of the hobby's I do and I have met some friends while doing it. I am still learning and teaching my self how to do different things while swimming. I don't know how to dive or do a flip into the water ,so those are some things that I would want to learn how to do before I got to college. 

That's all for my blog, leave a comment if you love to swim or if you don't know how. 

:) Peace,


  1. Very nice blog about explaining your swimming experience!