Sunday, April 17, 2016

Greek and Latin roots

Hey, everyone, I wanted to blog about Greek/Latin roots because they are really useful. In my English class, we have to learn one hundred twenty roots. It's annoying to study cause there's a lot but it's a really smart idea. I can now look at words and know a little about it.

This week we are done and to be honest, miss learning them.

Tele- from afar
Vis- to see
Ion- the act of, the state of.

I wrote those words up there as an example of roots in everyday life. Many people think television is just something you use for entertainment. That is true but you can break it down.

This basically means the state of seeing something from afar.
I think it's a fantastic idea to learn Greek/Latin roots. For example, if there is a word I don't know, I have more power cause I can break it down. I highly recommend learning Greek/Latin root words


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