Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dear Diary

Dear diary

Today I was walking down the hall to go to class when I saw a locker open. I quickly stopped to close the locker but I saw it was Jenny's. Jenny is the school bully and everyone but her friends hate her. I hate her so much because she is so rude to everyone and thinks she is perfect.

I had about one minute left of class and that teacher doesn't care if I'm late for a minute, so I looked in her locker. I saw some notebooks but best of all her makeup pouch. I opened it and took out a mascara. While opening the mascara a million of thoughts went through my head. This is payback for everything so it shouldn't matter.

I opened the mascara and smeared it along her books. I took an eye shadow pallet and kept it. I was stealing but it was Jenny. She deserves it.
I am now at home back I feel  kind of bad. What if I get in trouble. Ok diary I hear footsteps shhh don't tell.
Hey, everyone. As you can see this is a little different from what I usually post. This is fiction which means its fake! I hope you enjoyed :) I feel like I have to point this out but, I do not recommend and encourage to go through someone's locker. It's an invasion of privacy and something that is so shameful you shouldn't do it. It's most likely against your school rules to. I don't encourage smearing mascara across someone's books even if you don't like them. Or stealing, it's illigal and the narrator should be ashamed of her self. I just wanted to say that.

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