Saturday, February 6, 2016

DIY Chapstick

To kick off my DIY blogs, I am going to do another DIY blog.DIY stands for doing it yourself because it is very easy. Today I am going to teach you to do an easy lipbalm.

Wax (like beeswax, vaseline, or protoliem jelly)
Any flavouring you want

Melt your wax and pour it into your container. Add any flavouring you like to your container. These are literally the only instructions there are. It's that easy.

To make it personalised, you could add anything you want (that's reasonable). You could add colouring, sparkles, or any spices you want! You could also make a label and make it cute and personalised.

I'm in love with this DIY because you control the amount and what you want to put inside our chapstick. It's also super easy, and way cheaper that buying chapstick all the time because you have the ingredients to make more than one. I hope you make this DIY 
Peace, Alisa <3

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