Saturday, February 6, 2016

Food life hacks

Hey, everyone, it's Alisa! Today I wanted to make life hacks for food. Because I love food and erring my food easier is perfect!!

Did you know you could poke a cupcake sheet through the Popsicle stick? When the Popsicle melts and drips, it will drop on the cupcake sheet and not your fingers.

 If by any reason your baked goods have  dried, you could put bread on it! The cookie absorbs the bread's moisture and they are good as new.

Mix up the classic Pb&J by blending it in a blender. Add some bread/milk in and you're good to go.

Make flat burger patties by putting your thumb in the middle of the patty.   Instead of the patty cooking round, it will grow flat.

You could make the best water by adding fruit in there. (Cucumber, Lemon, Mint). The water will absorb your fruits and make you some cool infused water or tea.  You will also get the benefit of extra health and vitamins in your water. 

These are more advanced life hacks but that's ok. They are still really good life hacks that you never heard of. :)

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