Thursday, November 12, 2015

Saks channel on youtube

Hey everyone today I will be blogging about the Saks channel on youtube. The Saks channel is a group of channels on Youtube. Each channel has seven girls and produces weekly videos.

The top one and most subscribed is seven super girls. (3,528,767 subscribers)
The channel consists of 13-16-year-old girls, who put up weekly videos, based on the theme of the week.
Monday: Emily, who is a British YouTuber, and got on a year to two years ago.
Tuesday: Jazzy, who is from Texas and like Emily got on one-two years ago.
Wednesday: Kaelyn, she is the one on the cover of the picture. She is from California and was on SSG for years.
Thursday: Jenna, same as Kaelyn has been on for years and often does videos with her parents in the video.
Friday: Katherine and Rachel, have also been on for years. They are sisters and share the spots. Recently Katherine had to get off because of the age limit but was back on because the age limit has been changed.
Saturday: Mimi, who has been on recently (few months ago), who was transferred from SPA (Seven perfect angels.
Nicole: has also been on SSG for years, and is the girly girl of the channel.

Each week there is a certain theme that each girl has to film. For example, if The theme is collab week, then each girl makes a video corresponding to collab. This week is actually collab week because they are doing a meet and greet in Texas. This is the second meet up they did, and will continue to do more. Seven super girls also has merchandise, like shirts.

I have been watching for years and love seven super girls, and totally recommend watching the eight girls.

For this blog post, I'm only going to do two of the Saks channels. the last one is SPA (Seven perfect angels), and they have 684,029 subscribers.

Just like seven super girls, SPA also has themes and girls for each week.
Monday: Anna
Tuesday: Lia
Wednesday: Jana
Thursday: Jaidyn
Friday: Ellie
Saturday: Holly
Sunday: Heather

They also do themes, and sometimes there is freestyle, where each girl could do anything they want. Some of the girls also went to the meet and greet from Seven super girls.

I hope I have you some information about the Saks channel and made you interested.
Question: If you watch the Saks channel, who is your favorite? Or who is your favorite YouTuber?

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