Thursday, November 19, 2015

Embarrasing moment

Hey everyone today I wanted to talk about my time after school. :)
Since it is Tuesday my school gets on early. Today I went home with my friend Debbie that some of you know here on Blogger.

When we finally go to her she decided to give me a house tour, and her house is absolutely lovely. We always facetime so when I got into her study room she is always in, I said
''so this is the famous study room''
''yeah'' She laughed and continued to show me around. She made me her famous salad which I adore. We ate and talked about school, laughing at the comments we made.

We then nae naed to her study room and decided to start on our project/homework.
Her piano lesson started so I chilled with her sister and went online. After her piano lesson, we chilled and started to finish an assignment for school, which was so fun to do because we made it really funny. We also made two inside jokes  today.

I didn't know her house was so far from my karate. I do karate, and they are strict on timing so I was worried I was going to get late. I am a shy person so if the whole class is staring at me when I run in it gets me really embarrassed.

I got through the class and now am relaxing, and sighing that I have to study for a science test.
Life is great :)

Question: Have you had any embarrassing moments in your life?
Debbies blog:

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