Monday, October 12, 2015

The death of Caleb

Hey, person who is reading this. I hope you're having a great day. If not I hope my blog cheers you up a little. Today's blog is about Youtube and the death of Caleb.  
One of the biggest thing to me that recently happened on Youtube is the death of Caleb from Bratayley. He was just 13 when he died! He died on October 1st, and even though I'm a little late I still think I should address this. I remember when I found out I was so shocked. It was on October second or the day he died, I was on my dad's computer watching Youtube. In the comments, someone said did you hear about Caleb's death, and I thought they were joking. Turns out it was true, and I was so shocked, tears welled up in my eyes. 
I've known of Bratayley for a while, but I haven't watched ALL their videos. From time to time, I would watch them, and always try to figure out how all the kids name, tied up into Bratayley. Turns out it was just their last name. Bratayley is a YouTuber family with 1.8 million fans, who weekly vlog. Caleb died because of an undetected medical condition. Please go watch Bratayley and give them some love. 

  Thanks for reading and please go watch Bratayley!
  Question: Who is your favorite Youtuber. 
Btw, this was not sponsored, of course it won't but still I just wanted to say it just in case of copyright. 


  1. Beautiful blog explaining your sad emotion towards Caleb. It looks like Caleb was a very good your tuber even though I don't know him, still very sad that he died.

    1. Thanks Debra Saeidian. I'm sure he would appreciate it

  2. OMG!!! I love Brataley, I can't beleive it.