Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Me and my friends

Olah! It's Alisa here with another blog, how exciting. As I'm typing, I'm listening to live music...my sister playing her piano. 

Today I will be blogging about what I did during my hang out with my friends. Since it is a Tuesday, the school got out early, and I didn't want to stay after school. My friends were going to the food area around our school. I called my mom and asked if I could go, and she said yes. 

Two of my friends started to walk while I texted my friend (Noor) to come and meet us there. We finally arrived at the food place, and we crossed the street to Pozi's. There we got some fries and a sample of a milkshake. 
We went back to the chairs and ate there. Pozi's was a really good place because it is really good, cheap, and near. 

The fries were absolutely delicious and I ate them all up. We then decided to go to TJ Max, and just look around. On the way, we said bye to our friend who had to leave so it was now the three of us. 

We saw the cutest dog you can ever see, and a really nice man. We petted the dog, then went inside. In TJ Max, we looked around and had a lot of fun. I saw a gold winter jacket, which reminded me of Justin Beiber. 
''look it's a wanna be Justin Beiber jacket'' I said to my friends. 
We started to laugh and try on clothes. My friend that I do homework with facetime me, and I did a fashion show walk. 
  I guess we were too loud because the store employee asked us if we have a parent with us. 
''then you need to get out''

That was a good memory but was the third time we got kicked out of TJ Max. We went back to the chairs and met the dog on the way. 

The dog seemed to like Noor, as of the dog (Loller) was on her. The dog went on me, but not Mona.  It was really funny to see her frustrated, that the dog didn't go on her. 

My mom then came and I went home. It was a really nice time and was WAY better then staying after school. 

Question: what's one memory you have with your friends? 
Thanks for reading my blog! 

My friend who went with me: http://mona42002.blogspot.com/
My friend, I face timed: http://debssblogs.blogspot.com/
They make really good blogs, I highly recommend reading them


  1. That sounds like so much fun, I have a lot of memories with my friends. My favorite has to be when we went to the lake and jumped in.

  2. Alisa, I love reading your blogs because they are very intersting and funny. Also thank you for writing about me in your blog today.

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    1. I don't remember letting you go to TJ Max, but I'm glad you had a great time. :)

  4. Awesome and funny blog! Haha you got kicked out! I wonder why. I'm joking, thank you for including me as the FaceTime friend I appreciate it.

    1. Lol my FaceTime friend no problem no problem :)