Thursday, December 10, 2015


Hello! Welcome to my blog this week :)
Today I will be blogging about Chanukah and how I celebrate it.
This particular Chanukkah my family and I  went to the new Cosco near my house and looked at the lights that were decorated on the trees.
We bought a huge bag of mnms because my family and I  have a tradition of  playing a game. The game is that there is a bowl of mnm's and all of us have mnms. We take the dreidel and spin it. If it lands on a nun (Hebrew letter) we get no mnms. If it lands on gimmel we take three from the large bowl.
We eat jelly doughnuts which are delicious, and a cake my dad bought. We then lighted the candles and exchanged gifts. 

My sister gave me a chapstick and two lipglosses, she is so sweet to get me a gift, especially things   I like. My mom gave me a stuffed giraffe/owl because I collect stuffed animals like the giraffe. (TY Beanie boos) 
I also got some stuff from my grandma and perfume from my dad. 
This Chanukah has been a lot of fun and memorable. :) Thank you so much for reading my blog and have a nice day. 

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